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by Anette Dimmen |

We are so happy to introduce you to Andrea. Most of her time she´s travelling the world as International Sales Director for Norway´s premier luxury design hotel, The Thief and the Nordic Hotel & Resort Group. But as a side hustle she is the driving force behind HER Oslo - a part of the fast growing global HER community for women that As We Are Now is lucky to be a part of. Rarely will you meet someone who so gracefully combines grit, kindness, vulnerability and strength. This is a woman to learn from!



Name: Andrea Belck-Olsen

Andrea wears the 00:00 dress in midnight blue Tencel

Age: 33

Residence: Oslo

Self proclaimed title: “Connector”

I love connecting people. Both through my professional title as a Sales Director at THE THIEF, and my side hustle with HER Oslo.

How many hours a week do you work?

40 to 50? It depends if I am travelling for work or not.

How do you relax? What´s your instant relaxation trick?

Digital detox and solo travelling is the ultimate way for me to relax. In my everyday life I turn to “flight mode”, a good book or podcast, and some nice essential oils to enhance my mood.

How much sleep do you get (per night on average)?

I must have 8 hours. Must!

What´s your favourite time in the day and why

The earlier the better. I love having the time to eat a good breakfast, enjoy some freshly made coffee, and just enjoy the serenity before the day breaks loose.

What decisions have you made as an adult that has positively changed your life?

Moving home, investing in property, and starting a life in my home country. For me this was a BIG decision, as I have always been a little restless and I actually never thought I would end up in Norway. 

How do you manage your life/work balance?

I suffer from the “good girl syndrome” like a lot of other people I know. Basically thinking that you never do enough, and constantly feel like you could have done more. I got a great advice once; instead of writing “to do” lists - you should start writing “have done” lists. You will be surprised how much you have managed to cram into one day, and feel better about leaving work with a good conscious.

What is your best recent purchase or investment?

I grew up in Peru, and have always wanted to go back now that I am an adult. I recently found myself tired, and uninspired, and decided to spend some money on a solo trip to my hometown of Arequipa, Peru. Spending time in my old neighbourhood, and reconnecting with the people that was a big part of my childhood was such a good investment. After 3 weeks away in a familiar, yet unfamiliar setting, I found myself full of life again. It was what I needed to get back on track! 

What do you strongly believe?

We can move mountains with our HER community across the globe! 

Who inspires you and why?

I am surrounded by inspirational people every single day. My mother inspires me because she is strong, and unafraid. My HER team inspires me with their passion, and constant support of others. My coworkers inspires me with their creativity, and drive.

What´s your favourite failure (perhaps something that seemed like a failure at the time by actually lead to positive changes)?

When I first started working in Oslo, it did not take me long to understand that I was not the right person for that job. I thought I had to do things like everyone else, but soon realised that was the exact reason I was not succeeding. I was ready to give up when I was reminded that I was not hired to do what everyone else was doing, but I was there because I was different.

I learned to never underestimate my own thoughts and decisions, and I learned to speak up. It turned out to be a major lesson for me at the time, that I still take with me in everything I do today. 

Something you can´t live without

My family is everything to me. There is no “thing” I can’t live without. We moved from house to house, to country to country. I never really had emotional feelings towards any specific “thing”, but my family has been with me my whole life, through all the different ups and downs.

What is your favourite room in the house and why

The kitchen. It is the most social area in any house, and I love spending time in other people's kitchen. Preferably while being cooked for with a glass of wine in hand.

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