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by Anette Dimmen |  | 1 comment

Our first AW:AN woman we have known for a very long time. In fact, the As We Are Now founder Anette and Astrid both grew up in Tromsø (the city of northern lights north in Norway), and both eventually made Oslo their home base. In her twenties, Astrid was a high flying corporate executive, working long hours and constantly feeling the pressure of delivering better, higher results. Not fulfilled, but still unable to leave her well paid job and career path.

Fast forward ten years and Astrid is now one of the most respected yoga teachers in Norway, and the founder of Mysore Yoga Oslo. Her workday ends at 11 am every day. She may earn less money than before but she feels so much richer in life.
Name: Astrid Holte Østbye  
Astrid wears the sweater dress in blue
Age: 38
Residence: Oslo
Self proclaimed title: Yoga studio owner and teacher
How many hours a week do you work?
About 15-20
How do you relax? What´s your instant relaxation trick?
I take a nap during the day in my bed.. And don’t feel bad about it haha.. which is the most important thing.. Before I would not be able to do that without thinking of everything I should do. Now I know it is important for me to relax, and take that time.
How much sleep do you get per night on average?
I try to get 7-8 hours.. but mostly it is 5-6.
What´s your favourite time in the day and why?
I love the evenings.. which is probably why I never manage to get 7-8 hours sleep.. and also need naps!
What decisions have you made as an adult that has positively changed your life?
To love and respect myself more. Be less busy, make less money.. Take care of my health; emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically.
How do you manage your life/work balance?
A friend of mine always say, there is no life/work balance, it is ALL LIFE.. and I agree! Do more of what feeds our soul.. and less of what we don’t really want to do. It is all life.
What is your best recent purchase or investment?
Hmm… my nutribullet smoothie maker..
What do you strongly believe?
That we are responsible for ourselves and our own happiness. Only then can we be a better person/support for others.
Who inspires you and why?
I am inspired by people who are themselves! Who make good choices for themselves. I have also always felt inspired when I go traveling. For the last eight years I’ve been away 3-6 months every year. I have learned so much from the people I’ve met and the places I have visited. It has changed me in many ways and given me new perspectives. This is also why i changed my work from being a business manager to being my own employer. So I could travel more and for longer time periods. The people I have met from different countries and cultures for sure are my biggest inspirations. Traveling to has also taught me to trust life more.. to not always need to be in control of happenings (in India that is impossible for example...)
What´s your favourite failure* 
My failed love relationships… They all taught me so much and I am grateful for the growth that came from that..
Something you can´t live without?
Something as superficial as mascara.. haha.. but on a more serious note: Yoga..
What is your favourite room in the house and why
I love my whole apartment (it is not big).. but it is the place where I retreat and collect myself.
*we shamelessly stole that question from Tim Ferriss

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