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by Anette Dimmen |

The first time I met Evodie over a dinner with several power women she immediately impressed me. Her sharp intelligence, openness and humour shone at me across the long table. And when I learnt more about her background and the energy she puts into her online magazine 9to9 Daily and her new brand ReCollection Candles, I wanted to know even more about her.

How does she manage it all? 

Read to find out!


Name: Evodie Fleury

Evodie wears the Tencel slip dress in nude pink

Age: 28

Residence: Oslo

Self proclaimed title: Busy Bee! Editor in Chief at 9to9Daily and co-Founder of ReCollections Candles.

How many hours a week do you work?

I don’t think I can really quantify that. I work a full 9 to 5 job which includes some monthly travels abroad, and on the side, I run our newly launched business ReCollections. I also write and edit my online magazine at night and weekends. The line gets blurry when you start working for yourself. I attend a lot of external meetings and networking events which don’t really qualify at work - but the line is thin. At this point, private life and work have pretty much merged and the hours are endless.

How do you relax? What´s your instant relaxation trick?

I am a perfectionist who can really get consumed with work and lately I have been prone to anxiety. Needless to say; relaxation is key to my well-being. I exercise every day, and that is my relaxation. I have also crafted a night time routine that brings me peace and that creates consistency during the week and when I am away for work. It starts with a long hot shower where I get to replay the day and mindfully let go of things, and practice deep breathing. Then I like to play with different skin-care products and really take the time to pamper. I foam-roll for 5 minutes to get rid of any tensions in the body, and after that I like to go to our bedroom with a cup of tea, my meditation app and a book. I turn my phone on fly mode and de-digitalise. That is true relaxation, knowing that this time is there every day for me - no matter what. I just realised that’s controlled relaxation haha!

My instant relaxation trick: 10 deep breath through the nose. Works every time. Works everywhere.

How much sleep do you get (per night on average)?

8 hours. Under that I’m not such a fun person to be around haha

What´s your favourite time in the day and why.

Night time. It’s when my partner and I get some proper time to catch-up. We cook and eat together and talk and laugh. This is family time. It’s also when me time kicks in.

What decisions have you made as an adult that has positively changed your life?

There are a few.

Moving to Scotland when I was 19. It gave me the experience of a lifetime good and bad. It brought me friends for a life time, an amazing career start and future husband.

Going to therapy a few years back and committing to it for a year was life changing.

Jumping into the unknown and moving to Switzerland at 26 where I knew no one brought me the biggest career change I have had to date, taught me few personal and professional tough lessons but also in many ways provided for the life and the relationship that I have now.

Daring to launch our business has freed me from many of my fears and this is just the beginning of an exciting adventure.   

How do you manage your life/work balance?

As I alluded to, balance is a blurry line in my life. So, I usually say that I ‘compartmentalise life and work’ rather than balance. Because some weeks are weighing heavier on work side of the scale, others on the life side. But my gym time is my everyday buffer between my office job and my entrepreneur life. As a couple we try to often take weekends away, visit friends and family abroad and plan long overseas trips. That is the closest to a balance as I can get. Knowing why I am working for and what refuels me to keep pressing towards my goals.

What is your best recent purchase or investment?

 Ha - easy my new juicer! I literally cannot stop raving about this purchase. Morning juices and evening soups are now sorted in a matter of minutes. Life saver!

 What do you strongly believe?

I believe in God and in a life with purpose.

I believe in love and that it can be truly forgiving, unconditional, supporting and fun everyday.

I believe in consistency of character and keeping true to your words.

I strongly believe that being nice in business (and in life in general) is by far the most underestimated assets there can be. To quote Maya Angelou: ‘people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

 Who inspires you and why?

I get inspired by people with the ability to project further that eyes can see and defy their inner critics: people who are able to see the big picture of their life and not get stuck in the mundane everyday setbacks. I am inspired by people who are so self-aware and confident that they can focus on the destination - regardless of the journey ahead. My boyfriend taught me that.

Lately I have been a little obsessed with Gwyneth Paltrow and her journey with Goop. I am so in awe of the leader and mother that she is and, on the human, the nice and feminist values she has instilled in the empire she’s built.

What´s your favourite failure (perhaps something that seemed like a failure at the time by actually lead to positive changes)?

When I moved to Norway to live with my boyfriend - I got myself the perfect job on paper. Tech, trailblazing job, fun office and great salary. All the stars were aligned, and my move was almost too easy to be true. 6 months later - internal politics and re-structuring at play, half the team was gone. Me included. I wrote about this time on my blog. It was the most shameful, depressing, scary time of my life. Career had always defined me - and now I had none. I had grown to manage people and be great at it, and now I had nothing left to control. Everything seemed to crumble around me. My confidence included. 3 months later - I got another job. But it wasn’t for that reason  that I can now say this was my favorite failure. That time shown me that I had failed to prioritise and trust the right things in life. I saw firsthand what true love could really be and surrendered to the care of another. It forced me to step away from our couple bubble and to go out and make friends and forge relationships. And because I had nothing left to loose - I dared. I dared to paint again, to write again and …. to finally work on our business plan for ReCollections. I gained invaluable self-knowledge and shifted my self-worth away from work onto who I was. I would do it all over again.

Something you can´t live without.

Lately? Podcasts!

What is your favorite room in the house and why?

Hmm that’s a close tie. I have my own bathroom in our house - and this is my own little spa sanctuary. I love this space. All my favorite products are there, my candles… it’s where I shower, where I play with skincare and get ready in the morning with a coffee and a podcast. It’s like my own little bubble. But equally our bedroom is our sanctuary of love and fun and rest - and just stepping into it makes me a little extra happier with life.

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