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by Anette Dimmen |  | 1 comment

I met Josefin in Copenhagen during fashion week in January this year. As a senior fashion PR and brand manager for 9PR, the only reason she had time to meet with me during this crazy week, was because she was heavily pregnant and had just started maternity leave. I absolutely loved my coffee date with Josefin and got a sense of a power house woman who truly lives as she preaches. In her interview she says she strongly believes in the values of giving, listening, sharing knowledge and staying humble. My guess is this could also be a good description of Josefin.

Josefin is also the founder of HER Global network in Copenhagen. Which says a lot. And she´s really into red wine and Alicia Keys. Which also says a lot :) 


Name: Josefin Dirk Freij

Josefin wears the slip dress in technical cashmere

Age: 33

Residence: Copenhagen

Self proclaimed title: PR and communications power lady with a yogi mindset

How many hours a week do you work?

Too many - but I keep a close eye on my work life balance. It’s important to be present and not be afraid of the flow.

How do you relax? What´s your instant relaxation trick?

Red wine with my man, dinner with good friends and yoga. And Jazz and blues! Definitely that too!!

How much sleep do you get (per night on average)?

I’m the master-sleeper, haha. 6-7h. But the second my head hits the pillow, I’m out!

What´s your favourite time in the day and why?

I love the mornings, start of a new day and breakfast. It’s something sacred with the sun rising, the light and coffee.

What decisions have you made as an adult that has positively changed your life?

Definitely when I chose to keep a focused, positive mindset, at all times. Positive mind, healthy mind. And not being afraid to say no, or cut out things or objects that takes up your attention or mind space negatively.

How do you manage your life/work balance?

Be able to put work aside, and be present, when you are “off” - and be focused and goal-oriented when “on”. I believe in trust and flow, to not force it - sometimes you have to know when to stop and be curious and when to just get shit done.

I think it’s vital to be able to give yourself some slack at times, and not expect yourself to be perfect. Imperfections or “wrong choices” can sometimes be the greatest gift, that we first recognise in after-math.

What is your best recent purchase or investment?

Every year I re-new my membership at the outdoor winter bath club Helgoland. It is a beautiful vintage bath house at the beach Amager Strand - it’s my best gift to myself every year - sauna and saltwater does wonders. I absolutely love it!

What do you strongly believe?

Give, listen and share your knowledge and be humble. No.1 rule. Nurture your body and soul with what makes you happy, makes you grow and challenge yourself to keep you on your toes. We all flourish when we succeed or meet new results, in work or private life. Never stop being curious and learn from others. It’s gold.

Who inspires you and why?

Uuh only one? There’s so many amazing people, that you meet on your path. And all carries different learning or experiences, that you can collect - if you also share yours. But one kick ass lady that I find amazing is Alicia Keys, humble, talented and not afraid of what other people say, she is her own, and is empowered in just that!

What´s your favourite failure (perhaps something that seemed like a failure at the time by actually lead to positive changes)?

Hrm.. So many failures.. haha. No but I feel that I’ve learned and grown from past relationships, a lot. So none are really a failure. Relationships, in work, love or friendships is what moulds us.

Something you can´t live without.

Music, it makes me utterly and thoroughly happy, it takes you places. It’s such a powerful and an amazing art form, especially live in an intimate club or alike. (Read dark jazz/blues bar/club over wine)

What is your favourite room in the house and why? 

We have a kitchen and living room in one, and it is light and full of things we love. It’s where me and my man meet everyday after work, talk about our day, where we invite friends for dinner and where we start our weekend mornings.

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