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For Women, 

As We Are Now.

“I love the thought of designing clothes that can make someone feel effortlessly beautiful, liberated and accepted, just as they are”.

Anette Miwa Dimmen. Founder & CEO, AWAN. 

Pieces to feel free in

Why do women feel the need to change clothes when they come home? We believe we have a need to let go of the day and feel free - belly out and all - just as we are. 

We want to create a new dressing experience for women. Clothes that you can slip into once, and wear all day. The AWAN wardrobe is taking loungewear to the next level with pieces to feel free in - all day, all night. 

Liberating design

Our pieces are designed to elevate and empower women with acceptance, appreciation and love for our ever-changing bodies and multifaceted lifestyle. 

We are creating a timeless collection in liberating style and comfort. Produced in fabrics to feel good in and about. 

Truly sustainable - wear again and again. 

The AWAN dressing experience is based on clothes in lasting quality, that you can wear daily.. 

Circular fashion requires re-thinking and an entirely new business model. Yet, the core idea is very simple: Clothes designed with the purpose to be used. Being truly sustainable means owning clothes that you wear, again and again.