I started AWAN at a time when I was pregnant, spending more time at home and struggling to find clothes that I felt good about myself in. And I realized that I was always searching for clothes that were flattering and stylish but also so comfy that I wanted to wear them at home.

I was tired of wearing saggy joggers, shapeless T shirts or yoga pants - just to be comfy enough around the house, yet I wasn’t willing to give up on comfort to dress more stylish.

 Reflecting over how the fashion industry has made women feel uncomfortable about how our bodies change throughout life, I wanted to design clothes that make us feel good about ourselves - just as we are. With equal care for our personal wellbeing and the wellbeing of the planet. 

I launched AWAN in 2018 because I wanted to start a comfort-first fashion movement for women who love fashion but are ready to say GOODBYE to the old, wasteful and limiting fashion system. 

Thank you for joining our mission and entrepreneurial journey. We exist for you!

We are still just at the beginning, with so much more to achieve together. I hope you’ll want to stay with us and help us develop comfort-first fashion that you can live in – and feel your absolute best in – just as you are.

- Anette, Founder of AWAN