What does it mean to preorder?

AWAN produces bestselling styles in small, limited batches. A preorder campaign means that we give you the chance to order items while they are still being produced or sometimes even before production starts. You secure your item by pre-paying before delivery.


Why preorder?

Preorder campaigns is the best way for conscious brands like AWAN to assess demand before producing larger batches and thereby drastically reduce overproduction, which is the largest sustainability challenge in fashion & apparel.


Why do we give preorder discounts?

  • To reward our preorder customer for waiting while your item is being produced in our factory in Portugal.
  • To reward our preorder customers for buying before delivery, supporting our mission to create a more sustainable supply chain.

How do I preorder?

If an item shows up in our online store with a PRE-ORDER button instead of an ADD TO CART button, it means that this is a preorder. The estimated delivery time is usually listed below the PRE-ORDER button. 

You can use all available payment methods for pre-orders. But the Klarna promise of delivery before payment is not suitable for preorder campaigns. Therefore we cannot accept the use of Preorder discount codes with Klarna payments.

We recommend only to use Klarna payments for purchases of in-stock items with immediate delivery.


Does AWAN only sell on preorder?

AWAN usually has mostly in-stock items available with immediate delivery. By clicking the ADD TO CART button you are ordering with immediate delivery. By clicking the PRE-ORDER button you are preordering with a longer wait time.


What does “estimated delivery time” mean?

The estimated delivery times is based on a variety of factors such as the typical time it takes to produce and ship your items from Portugal, the production stage at the time of preorder, and updated information from our factory. If unexpected delays occur AWAN will update the estimated delivery time and inform our preorder customers via email. Please make sure to subscribe to our newsletter for our preorder updates.


What happens if preorders are not delivered as promised?

  • You can cancel your order with a full refund


Can I return preordered items?

  • Yes, you have 30 days return window from the delivery of the preorder in the same way as with a regular in-stock purchase.

Thank you for being part of the change.