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Meet your wellness wardrobe

Finally, comfort-first-fashion from forest fiber, designed for your wellbeing.

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For women, As We Are Now

We design to liberate women to feel free and live freely - as we are now. To elevate and empower with acceptance, appreciation and love for our ever-changing body and transitional lifestyles.

Trying is believing. Right now you get 250 kr. off any set of two pieces from our Flow collection with the code FLOW.

Flow collection favorites

The Wrap Dress

1,790.00 NOK

The Wrap Cardigan

1,290.00 NOK

The Flow Top

990.00 NOK

The Flow Pants

1,190.00 NOK

The Cuffed Pants

1,190.00 NOK

Why you love AWAN.

It's elegant and more comfortable than any other clothing I own.


I want everything I put on my skin and body to be good for me. I love that AWAN is committed to using the most sustainable fabrics in their clothing.


The Flow cardigan has everything I want in a top! It’s comfortable like a pyjamas, great quality and effortlessly elegant. I love it!


I don't have to wash it as often as my other clothes since it has antibacterial properties. I'm hooked!


These dresses are like poetry for the body.


When you feel good about yourself you perform better. The AWAN dresses are so luxuriously gentle on your body that you feel you can take on the world.


The Flow set

Look like you're going out. Feel like you're staying in.

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The T dress

Sporty, cool, elegant. You decide.

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The Kaftan dress

Every woman is a super model in this dress.

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The Slip dress

Soft, like your second skin.

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The Long Sleeved Kaftan

Own your power, live freely.

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