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by Lisen Follin •  • 15 comments

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Francesca Vuillemin

Francesca is the face of our new OoO collection - dresses from 100% renewable eucalyptus that are especially suitable as day and resort wear. Available in our online store now! Francesca is a French model and business relations director for Reserved Magazine based in New York. Having worked for 19 years in the fashion industry she is dedicated to the principle that true style is also caring about the origins of the garment. We fell in love with Francesca not only because of her etherial beauty but also because her commitment to push for a more sustainable world is very much aligned with the As We Are Now mission.  Check out the OoO collection film featuring and narrated by Francesca here ............................................... Name: Francesca Vuillemin Age: 35.5 yrs Residence: Williamsburg, New York Self proclaimed title: Business Relations Director & Philanthropic Influencer How many hours a week do you work?  94hours per week How do you relax? What´s your instant relaxation trick? Listening to music playlists made by my talented DJ friends and cuddling my rescue dog Mr Buttons. How much sleep do you get (per night on average)? 7.5 hours  What´s your favorite time in the day and why? 11pm. I can unwind and start setting intentions for the next day. What do you strongly believe? In being grateful to be alive and not wasting time - you can’t buy time or get it back. What decisions have you made as an adult that has positively changed your life? Informing myself through scientific journals on what I can do to help minimize my carbon footprint and volunteering at St Joseph’s Soup kitchen in Greenwich village. How do you manage your life/work balance? My life and work is very much entwined so there is often not a lot of separation, so I try to work with people and projects that are aligned with my goals of collaboration without damaging this beautiful planet. What is your best recent purchase or investment? My brilliant friend Claire Bodart’s Investment fund- female investors are statistically proven to be more cautious. Who inspires you and why? So many people inspire me but the standout person would have to be Jared Blumenfeld former secretary of the EPA who walked across the Pacific crest and then created “Pod Ship Earth” - a podcast dedicated to informing consumers on the latest environmental movers and shakers.  What´s your favorite failure (perhaps something that seemed like a failure at the time by actually lead to positive changes)? I once accepted a job that was very prestigious while knowing in my heart that it would not work out because the company culture was so different to my beliefs. Thanks to this I now tune in with my inner compass to make sure I am on the path I need to be.  Something you can’t live without. My silver Bose headphones- It makes NY subways and commuting so much more manageable when you have a great playlist or podcasts to listen to. What is your favorite room in the house and why. The steam room where I can clear my mind and meditate. ............................................ Click here to see the OoO collection.